Welding Seminars

TE Andersen Consulting can provide and present Welding Seminars in connection with officer's conferences or technical meetings onboard or onshore. Subjects provided are such as:

  • Welding Machines for Shipboard Use
  • Electrodes for Maintenance Welding Onboard
  • Safe Use of Oxy Acetylene Gas and Equipment
  • Safety Aspects Doing Welding Onboard Vessels
  • Repair Welding and handling of Stainless Steel Onboard.
  • How to Weld Cast Iron
  • Repair Welding of Seawater Pipes (Cunifer & Yorcalbro)
  • Sea Fastening Welding and Gouging Onboard Heavy Lift Ships
  • Cold Curing Polymer Compounds for Repairs Onboard

The above is only some of a number of subjects that can be provided. The presentations take from 1 to 3 hours. Take contact for further information.