Consultancy for Marine Academies expanding into providing welding training

TE Andersen Consulting support marine academies, schools, colleges, businesses and non-profits around the world. We're experienced consultants specializing in starting, operating, buying/selling, leading, and improving welding schools and training globally.

Our mission is "To help you to start and maximize your Marine Academies performance to the highest standards of excellence for providing welding education." We are committed to provide customized solutions for your academy. We're experienced working on local and major international projects

Consider this, start providing welding courses at your Marine Academy can be an extremely exciting and rewarding experience but one that you need to get right the first time, since there is no second chance in making a first impression with your community.

Start by:

ONE DAY WORKSHOP: A 1-day workshop where we provide a comprehensive presentation on the stepping stones providing welding courses at your Marine Academy and address all of your questions.

  • Type of courses related to shipboard maintenance welding
  • Lay out of location
  • Welding and axseliary equipment
  • Consumables and base materials
  • Practical and theoretical training program syllabus
  • Wielding instructor training program

Consider this: Welding onboard a vessel is maintenance welding, not production welding. It require special skill to encounter a variety of base materials to be welded and cut, under difficult conditions, and with a high degree of safety precautions to be taken into consideratrion. We therefore offer a training program that take all this into account.