Welding Consultancy Service

TE Andersen Consulting can provide consultancy service towards:

What type of Welding Equipment and Consumables should be kept onboard my ship?

Every year there is a tremendous waist specifically of welding consumables onboard. One can onboard most ship have the number of consumables dramatically reduced in type and number. In order to advice we will need specific info on type of ship trough a form that we will send you.

Is my vessel safe towards accidents related to welding?

If you believe"Safety is Expensive,It's because you never tried an accident". An accident on-board can in its worst consequence involve injury or death to person or personnel, damage to equipment and sometime the vessel itself, legal implications and downtime to operation. Accidents must at all cost be avoided because they will guarantied outclass the cost of up keeping the safety level. In order to improve the safety level of welding equipment on-board, TE Andersen Consulting offer a Safety Inspection of Welding Equipment survey. Take contact for further info.

Can I have your assistance towards a specific welding problem?

Absolutely. Give us as much background information as you possibly can, preferably together with pictures and drawings and we will do our best to advise and assist you.

Send us a message under "Contact" and we will send you a fault finding paper.